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52 cat puns that are the cat's paw-jamas

These funny and cute cat puns are purr-fect.

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but no one can get between a human and their cat. These cute felines are great for a cuddle and some kitten around with a funny pun. Seriously, is there a better gift for a cat lover than a clever cat pun? 

You could say some cat puns are so great they were “meant to be — it was kitten in the stars.” Take, for example, some of our favorite complimentary cat puns like “You look meow-velous” and “You’re so purr-ty.” 

While all cat puns are funny, some are purr-ticularly hilarious. Take the artsy cat pun: “What do cats like to draw? Self pawtraits.” Then there’s the retail therapy one: “Why don’t cats like online shopping? They prefer cat-alogues.”

Share some of these with your fellow cat lovers, or keep things interesting during your next chat with your feline friend (we all do it). Say your kitty is being extra snuggly one day — thank them for their excellent “catitude.” Maybe they go wild instead and tear up a bit of the sofa. In that case, remind them that they’ve caused a “cat-astrophe.” 

However you choose to share cat puns, you won’t be in short supply. Read on for some of our favorite cat puns that are simply purr-fect.

Funny cat puns

  • How do you like me meow?
  • You’re the cat’s paw-jamas.
  • What color do cats love the most? Purr-ple.
  • What’s a cat’s favorite TV show? Claw and Order. 
Cat puns
  • My cat got fined for littering.
  • Why don’t cats like online shopping? They prefer cat-alogues. 
  • If cats taught school, they’d be called purr-fessors.
  • What do cats like to draw? Self paw-traits.
Cat puns
  • My cat loves a big bowl of paw-sta.
  • What’s a cat’s favorite cereal? Mice crispies.
  • I can tell you have a secret — it’s kitten all over your face.
  • When my cat gets allergies, she takes an anti-hiss-tamine.
Cat puns
  • My cat is often confused. You could say he gets pretty purr-plexed.
  • My cat is totally litter-ate.
  • Which day of the week do cats love the most? Cat-urday.
Cat puns

Short cat puns 

  • I’m just kitten around.
  • Stop stressing meowt.
  • Think paws-itive.
  • All kitten aside.
Cat puns
  • That was a cat-astrophe.
  • That’s the cattitude.
  • It’s meow or never.
  • That’s just claw-ful.
Cat puns
  • Meow you’re talking.
  • I live fur cats.
  • I’m feline fine.
  • Be-claws I said so.
  • As good as mew.
  • Enjoy every meow-ment.
  • Paw-don me.
  • Are you fur real?
  • Don’t be a copycat.
  • Meow you doing?

Cute cat puns

  • Nothing’s impawsible for this cat.
  • To know a cat is purr joy.
  • I’m a total cat purr-son.
  • If cats could drive, they’d drive Fur-raris.
Cat puns
  • I love you, meow and furever.
  • My cats are my paw-sse.
  • Live long and paw-sper.
  • Whisker me away.
Cat puns
  • That was quite the faux-paw.
  • Press paws and live in the meow. 
  • You look meow-velous.
  • Dogs are in-furrior to cats.
Cat puns
  • Take a paws and calm down.
  • So fur, so good.
  • Take meowt for lunch.
  • You’re so purr-ty.
Cat puns
  • It was meant to be — it was kitten in the stars.
  • A cat’s purr is meow-sic to my ears.
  • I love my cat the meow-st.