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Cat or dog? This wild-eyed cutie has us all confused

Can you figure out what this animal is? An adorable little dog? A hairy cat? An adorable hybrid of cuteness?
/ Source: TODAY

Is this a cat or a dog?

Or is it simply a mini werewolf whose eyes will bore into your soul while you bow before its cuteness?

Twitter users have debated whether the fluffy character is a dog or a cat, but the verdict is clearly in.

That is Atchoum, a 2-year-old Persian kitten from Quebec, Canada, who has a rare congenital condition known as hypertricosis, also referred to as werewolf syndrome, according to a website set up by the cat's owner, Nathalie Cote.

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"Some people say my wild furs and intense amber eyes make me look like a dog, an owl, a mad scientist, a Gremlin, Lorax or the Grinch but I'm happy to be me,'' Cote wrote about Atchoum.

The cat has 162,000 Instagram followers with a fine appreciation for well-dressed cats with presidential aspirations.

Hypertricosis is a hormonal condition that causes Atchoum's hair to continually grow and thickened her claws to the point where she had to be declawed, according to Cote. But don't be fooled by the intimidating eyes and furry face.

"I'm still a kitten so I'm funny like a clown and curious about everything!"

Did you guess correctly?!

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