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This cat named Sky the ragdoll is almost too fluffy to be real

The Internet has seen its share of viral cats, but none with fur quite like its latest sensation, Sky the ragdoll.
/ Source: TODAY

The Internet has seen its share of viral cats over the years, from Grumpy Cat and Lil Bub to the fresh-faced Rey. While other cats have attracted attention for their dinky size or funny faces, the latest feline sensation, Sky the ragdoll, has achieved online stardom because of his giant, fluffy coat of fur.

“So what?” you might think. But wait until you see Sky, whose coat appears to make up half his mass.

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Ragdoll cats are known for their outrageous fur, in addition to their blue eyes, gentle nature toward humans and other animals, and propensity to go limp as a piece of cooked spaghetti when picked up.

Sky has been photographed slumped on armchairs, slouching over his own back paws; bundled up in a blanket like an infant; and, most of the time, lazing on his back on just about any flat surface that will accommodate him. TODAY reached out to Sky's owner for comment, but didn't hear back.

Part of what's made Sky popular is his apparent aversion to any sort of physical activity — indeed, even his Instagram profile reads: "I make lazy look good." As one commenter said on a post from February, “how I feel about going to work today….”

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Sky seems to have no trouble attracting attention — the Instagram account sky_the_ragdoll has more than 44,200 followers on Instagram. Photos of the fluffy feline regularly attract thousands of likes and hundreds of comments.

One post from a few weeks ago is aptly captioned, “When a cat’s glamour shot gets more likes than your selfie.”