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Cat found inside wall of home destroyed by plane crash

Zuul the cat was found inside a wall after a private jet crashed into his owner’s home.

For some, he will now be known as the miracle cat after defying the odds.

Last Sunday, his owner's house was hit by that private jet and because of that disaster she had to quickly evacuate, leaving her beloved pet behind.

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Saturday, we learned that Patricia Kobalski's cat has finally been found.

Around noon Saturday, a construction worker found Zuul inside a wall of the house.

One neighbor says he was knocking down a wall when the cat jumped out.

The construction worker then grabbed the cat so it wouldn't get hurt by a wrecking ball that was being used to demolish the house and ran it over to Denise Sults house.

She says that she rushed the cat to the South Bend Medical Clinic and then to the emergency clinic where she met up with Patricia.

She had to go into another room to identify the cat that had been hooked up to an IV to bring its temperature up, give it electrolytes and eventually undergo a procedure that would puncture an air socket on its lung.

Zuul could return home as soon Sunday.

“It survived a plane crash, it survived what six days out in sometimes 4 degree wind chill with ice rain, and then it survived the house being demolished into tiny bits around it and wrecking balls so, if that cat didn’t spend 8 of its lives, then I don’t know what other cat has,” says neighbor Denise Sult.

Insurance should help with damage costs but some of these veterinarian bills may need to be paid immediately. If you would like to donate money there is an account set up in Patricia Kobalski’s name at any KeyBank.

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