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Cat dancing to 'I Will Survive' channels Gloria Gaynor, is the most fabulous cat ever

/ Source: TODAY

[Cue the piano intro, and feel free to sing along.]

At first I was afraid / I was petrified / Kept thinking Web surfing is dull without a .gif that's right / But then I spent so many nights / thinking "Gloria Gaynor song" / And I grew strong: "I Will Survive" Cat came along!

A trending cat / in Cyberspace / I just found it on Imgur here / with Santa's hat upon its face / I'm not ashamed, perhaps you'll mock / the way I laugh at its routine / I wish I'd known for just one second / how much fun this cat would be!

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Go on now, go / go laugh some more / It flails around now / 'cause it's dramatic, don't you know? / 2 million Imgur views since Thursday's posting, why? / Did you think it would stumble? / Internet cats won't be denied!

That cat will cry, "I Will Survive!" / Oh, as long as I know how to laugh / I know this cat will thrive / I now know my favorite .gif / I've got all my Likes to give / This cat's reply: "I Will Survive!" / Hey, hey!

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