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You're me-owt! Cat dashes across diamond and into stands at Angels baseball game

The world may never know why he did it.
/ Source: TODAY

We've been trying to figure out the real goal of the cat who appeared at a Los Angeles Angels game Thursday night in the bottom of the fourth inning before running as fast he could through the infield, across the diamond and up into the stands.

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Was it to start "the wave" by running through the stands, causing a cascade of double takes behind him?

Or was he simply after his very own 15 minutes of fame?

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Well, whatever his motives, we'd say he succeeded greatly. Now being dubbed the "Rally Cat" by the Internet, the cat just might be responsible for the Angel's win against the St. Louis cardinals.

After disrupting the game itself, he ran at a furious pace before daringly jumping over a wall and through the feet of hundreds of fans, each of whom leapt up and stared after the game's true hero as he made his mad dash for ... freedom? Fame?

The world may never know. We'll also never understand how this has actually happened once before.

For now, though, we'll console ourselves by watching the hilarious, heroic footage on repeat.