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Canadian company's dog pants fit all 4 legs, Internet debate be dammed

As the Internet debate rages over whether pants for dogs should cover two legs or four, a Canadian company has a real-life answer.
/ Source: TODAY

According to the Internet, if dogs wore pants, they would definitely be of the two-legged variety.

But according to one Canadian company, Team Four Legs is the clear winner.

A company called Muddy Mutts has come up with a four-legged outfit that is "perfect for all seasons" for your pooch.

The getup was created to "protect your dog from the elements and make their owners life a little bit easier" by keeping pets dry as they run outdoors.

Apparently silly Internet debates are good for business, as Muddy Mutts says its $69.99 splash suits are flying out the door due to "exceptional demand."

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But the dog pants weren't merely a well-timed play on a viral phenomenon. Muddy Mutts began selling the item in 2012, according to its website.

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The pressing question of how dogs might wear pants began on Dec. 28 with a meme that went viral on Twitter and Facebook.

TODAY's Dylan Dreyer then conducted her own highly-scientific test at home with her dog Bosco.

Wrangler, our puppy with a purpose, was above the whole debate and skipped the pants altogether.