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Busy hamster inspires this cat to reinvent its running wheel

/ Source: TODAY

From a human's point of view, hamsters are cute, fuzzy creatures that run around in wheels all day.

But in a cat's eye, they're just another kind of rodent — and that makes them fair game.

That's why this photo, posted on Twitter by @PyonPyon_Chang, seems like a disaster just waiting to happen: A beautiful calico kitty sitting atop a hamster's cage, ominously looking down on the little critter scampering in its wheel.

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Very concerning indeed. But wait: There's a happy ending!

Just a few days later, Chang made a surprising discovery in her laundry room: Her cat found a wheel of its own to run around, just like the hamster!

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And all was well again in the animal kingdom.

For now, at least.

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