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Bringing home a new puppy? 9 products you need to buy now

by Brooke Sassman / / Source: TODAY

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As adorable as a new puppy is, the first couple of days can be ruff. And if you come home unprepared, furget about it!

A new puppy is a lot of responsibility, but nothing you can't handle. Cut yourself a break — buy the products ahead of time! You'll be smooth sailing, and able to focus on training tasks rather than working overtime to break bad habits.

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Dr. Heather Loenser from the American Animal Hospital Association stopped by TODAY Wednesday to share some of her favorite products for parents of new puppies.

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Harnesses and leashes

1. Gentle leader headcollar

Prevent your pup from pulling, tugging, jumping and lunging with this easy-to-wear harness.

 Gentle leader headcollar

2. Bling easy walk harness

Take your new pup for a walk in style with this bedazzled harness!

 Bling easy walk harness

3. SnapLeash

Now you never have to worry about knotting or unclipping your pal's leash from their collar with this easily-adjustable leash!

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4. Recycled glass bowl

This bowl, made of recycled glass, is non-toxic and proven to be one of the safest options for your pet.

 Recycled glass bowl

5. Fire hose bowl

It's safe and sustainable! This bowl, made of upcycled fire hose is non-toxic and makes traveling with a pet incredibly easy.

 Fire hose bowl

6. Red canvas collapsible water bowl

Keep your pup hydrated while out walking with this conveniently collapsible water bowl.

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 Red canvas collapsible water bowl


7. iFetch Frenzy

After the 285th round of fetch, it might not be your favorite game anymore. We hear you! This funky invention makes playing fetch with your pet that much easier!


8. Kong xpressions stick

You'll enjoy the bright colors, and your dog will appreciate the bounce — a match made in dog toy heaven!

 Kong interactive dog toys

9. Bubbletastic dog bubble machine

Who doesn't love popping bubbles? Now they can pop, chase and bounce on them with this fun bubbletastic dog bubble machine!

 Bubbletastic dog bubble machine

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