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Bow to Wow: 5 animals waiting for purr-fect homes 

April is National Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month, but this month, every month and everyday, we should be thinking about how to take the best care of our fur angels. And a good place to start is with adoption.

In this month's installment of my popular series Bow to Wow, we have a wonderful group of dogs and one beautiful cat from Animal Care and Control of New York City. They're guaranteed to melt your heart!

We have a toy poodle so sweet that we named her Sunshine, a puggle with personality plus named Billy Bob, a charming Chihuahua pup that loves to smooch named Scootch, and the loving Leo, an American shorthair cat that only wants to cuddle!

Hopefully, one of these animals is the perfect pet for you. But if not, the sad reality is that there are countless others in shelters across the country. So please open up your hearts and your homes to an animal in need. In the end, you will be the one who gets rescued!