'Born to ride': This French bulldog loves riding in his owners' motorcycle

by Sarah Epstein / / Source: TODAY

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This guy is one cool cat...err...dog.

French bulldog Ollie, whose Instagram page reads, "I love to make you smile," has done just that with photos of himself riding a motorcycle.

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His owners, Julian and Gladyz Montoya, told Mashable.com that they have been riding motorcycles for over four decades and didn't want to leave Ollie behind when they ventured out on road trips. They found the perfect solution: a pet carrier that works as an attachment and sits on the back of their motorcycle.

The couple said that the carrier safely secures to the bike and has plenty of room inside for Ollie to move around as he pleases. At first, they gave Ollie time to adjust to riding on the motorcycle, making sure that he wasn't "scared or bothered by it all."

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Ollie, who is a therapy dog, according to his Instagram page, doesn't look bothered to us! Gladyz confirmed, "Ollie was born to ride."

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