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Boo hoo! Meet Luhu, the cat who looks like he's about to caterwaul

Meet the saddest-looking cat on the Internet, an adorable gray tabby named Luhu from Beijing that has more than 70,000 Instagram followers.
/ Source: TODAY

This cat has more than 70,000 Instagram followers and a loving owner, yet can't help but look sad.

With his wide eyes and droopy brows, a 2-year-old gray tabby named Luhu from Beijing has gained fame as the saddest-looking cat on the Internet, a place with plenty of cats.

The cat's owner, Maggie Liu, regularly posts pictures on Instagram of Luhu and her two other cats, Barher and Bardie, but it's Luhu's perpetual look of seeming to be on the verge of breaking into tears (caterwauling, if you will) that has stood out.

The sad look for the lovable cat is actually the result of surgery to fix eye infections shortly after he was born.

"Luhu was in very sick in his eyes when he was two weeks old and almost died because the disease affected his nose,'' Liu told in an email. "At first, we couldn't do surgery because he was so small, but luckily I found a doctor from Canada and he did two operations on Luhu. My mom and me took care of him very carefully, but the operations influenced Luhu's vision, so he needs to open his eyes very hard to see everything."

But cheer up, Luhu — 70,000 followers is pretty good!

"I'm super surprised that he is so famous on the Internet,'' Liu said. "I put his pics on Instagram because I just want to share his funny face and funny personality with people who love cats. Now he is so famous also in China."

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