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Black rhino charges jeep at Kruger National Park: Watch the clip

What happened to two wildlife park employees on their lunch break was completely unexpected!
/ Source: TODAY

For two workers at Kruger National Park in South Africa, trying to see some cheetahs on their lunch break turned into much more than they bargained for.

Farm manager Andrew Taylor, 28, and assistant lodge manager Sam Vorster, 27, said they heard from park visitors about a cheetah sighting, so they decided to search for the big cats on their free time. This would prove to be a near costly choice — when what Taylor thought was just a large rock turned out to be a black rhinoceros.

Once they realized they had a rare chance to see the critically endangered species, the two men parked their jeep to start recording the beautiful creature.

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Then, the rhino charged the jeep and “stopped its charge and turned around at (8 inches) from the car door,” Vorster told wildlife site Latest Sightings. Black rhinos can weigh over 3,000 pounds, according to National Geographic.

Vorster, who was filming the entire moment on his cellphone dropped the camera as Taylor jumped in his lap.

“We both got the giggles and left the rhino to be grumpy by himself," Voster told Latest Sightings. "We then watched the video of him coming for us a few times over giggling like little school-girls."

It was a close call for a lunch break!