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/ Source: TODAY
By Christina Butan

Many things were getting in the way of one adorable sheepdog's efforts to climb into a chair, not the least of which was just being too darn fluffy.

Rocco, a 1-year-old sheepdog, was caught struggling to figure out how a chair works as he attempted to tackle the situation from the backside of the seat instead of going around and jumping up from the front.

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After several butt wiggles and tail waggles, and lots of rooting for him from our own seats, Rocco seems like he almost has it.

Until he doesn't. Unfortunately the fluff-ball gives up, and just ends up slouching himself over the seat in defeat. Looks like Rocco can take some tips from this puppy, who seems to (literally) be on top of his seating situation.

Better luck next time, big guy!