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Beth Stern has opened her home to close to 900 foster cats

Beth Stern says her cats with husband Howard Stern are "family members." The couple doesn't have children and they adore taking care of the furry felines.

Beth Stern has a home full of kittens and cats — and she couldn’t be happier about it. Over the past five and a half years, Stern says she and her husband, Howard Stern, have opened their home to close to 900 fosters. She takes pride in finding “forever families” for each foster they bring in.

Currently, Stern has about 12 fosters in her home. She also has four resident cats: Bella, Yoda, Walter and Pebble.

She says her husband is her “partner” in her rescue work.

“He grooms them every morning. He talks to them,” she said. “They're our family members. We don't have children together. So they are literally our children.”

Stern says surrounding herself with lots of furry felines has made her life so much better.

“It truly is the best thing in the world.”

She’s showcasing her love for animals on the Hallmark Channel this weekend, as the host of the Cat Bowl and Kitten Bowl.

“I have been working with Hallmark Channel for the past six years hosting this incredible event called Kitten Bowl … My job as the host is to sit on a football field with over 100 kittens crawling all over me,” she said.

It will also be the first year of the Cat Bowl.

“This year we did something different because I love to focus on senior cats and adult cats, we're doing our first ever Cat Bowl,” she said. “And that's the adult cats on a field, kind of, just hanging out and being very lazy on the field. It's very funny.”

Watch Beth Stern host the Cat Bowl on Feb. 2 at 10 p.m. EST and the Kitten Bowl on Feb. 3 at 2 p.m. EST, both on Hallmark Channel.