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Bear hug! Watch this man play with a 1,500-pound bear — it's mesmerizing

/ Source: TODAY

Don't feed the bears! That's what any park ranger will tell you. What they don't tell you is not to hug, kiss or cuddle the bears, either. Probably because that seems pretty obvious — and deadly.

But all rules are off for Jim Kowalczik and his Kodiak bear buddy Jimbo!

Kowalczik, who runs a non-profit wildlife rehabilitation center in Otisville, New York, has raised Jimbo since he was just a tiny cub unable to be returned to the wild.

But he's not a tiny cub anymore!

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At 9 feet, 6 inches tall and "about" 1,500 pounds, Jimbo is a true giant — giving a whole new meaning to the term "bear hug."

A video of their special bond recently shared on the Orphaned Wildlife Center's Facebook page has raked in over 12.5 million views — and counting.

And while, based on the comments, viewers seem to love the unlikely snuggles in the clip, it's important to note that all of those aforementioned "don't [do anything with] the bears" rules still apply to the rest of us.

Jimbo has been with Kowalczik for 21 years, and their bond is truly special.

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