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Batman, the 4-eared cat, wins hearts, finds 'forever' home

Batman the cat was born with two sets of ears, the result of a rare genetic mutation. But that hasn't stopped him from finding a "forever" home.
/ Source: TODAY

On a sticky summer day that would live in infamy, Batman descended on the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society.

No, that’s not the plot of a new action movie. It’s the true story of a cat with a unique look that helped land him a "forever" home.

Batman, a four-eared cat.
"Batman is very affectionate … He loves to be rubbed on his cheeks," said Caitlin Lasky, a representative for the shelter.Western PA Humane Society

You’re not seeing double! Batman was born with two sets of ears, the result of a rare genetic mutation. When the 3-year-old cat arrived at the Humane Society on July 12, employees were taken with his friendly personality — but worried that his unusual appearance might scare off potential adopters.

“We had a polydactyl cat with six claws on each paw who was at the shelter for quite a while,” Caitlin Lasky, the shelter’s senior marketing communications manager, told TODAY. “Older animals can be tough, or those with disabilities.

"But when the right person comes in the door, people will say, ‘I knew from that moment,’" she said. "It just takes the right match.”

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Batman spent his first month being treated for an upper respiratory infection before becoming eligible for adoption on Aug. 9. The shelter posted a video of the cat to their Facebook page, a tactic that has helped them reach adopters in the past.

“It puts a face and a personality to the animals,” Lasky explained. “Batman is very affectionate … He loves to be rubbed on his cheeks. He lived with other cats, so he’s good with other animals. It’s helpful for people to see all that.”

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According to Lasky, they were immediately contacted by the parents of a young girl who loves superheroes. Talk about the perfect match! The family arranged a visit and fell in love with Batman in person — and the rest, as they say, is history.

While Batman’s new family has declined to comment or identify themselves publicly, the the shelter tells us they feel confident in the match. “They wanted him before this story took off,” said Lasky. “We're so happy for them and hope to keep in touch."