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Barbra Streisand loved her dog Samantha so much, she had her cloned — twice

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/ Source: TODAY

Everyone always says that if you love something, set it free. But maybe there's a more modern version: have it cloned so you get to keep it around a little longer.

After all, that's what iconic singer and actress Barbra Streisand did, as she revealed to Variety on Tuesday. When her beloved 14-year-old Coton du Tulear dog Samantha wasn't doing well, she had her cloned ... twice!

Time to relax with Jim and Sammie on vacation.

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Samantha died in May 2017, and over the new year Streisand welcomed adorable new pups into her life: Miss Violet and Miss Scarlet, who are clones of Samantha. Before their "mama" passed, Streisand had cells taken from Samantha's mouth and stomach, and ... voila! Adorable fluffy pups that match her DNA.

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"They have different personalities," she told Variety. "I'm waiting for them to get older so I can see if they have (Samantha's) brown eyes and seriousness."

She's also got a third dog named Miss Fanny, who is a distant cousin of Samantha's and is named after Streisand's Oscar-winning turn as Fanny Brice from 1968 film "Funny Girl."

Our new basket of adorables

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When the three first arrived, she dressed them in different-colored sweaters to tell them apart.

Happy New Year from my three girls... Pink, Blue & Violet.

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Prices for the procedure vary; Time reports that in 2015 one leading company was reportedly charging $100,000 to clone a dog while others report the procedure costs $50,000 for a dog and $25,000 for a cat.

Whether for financial or emotional reasons, fans told TODAY that they would not choose to clone their pet.

Streisand has completely embraced the clone lifestyle, dressing her new canine friends in designer clothing and buying cute toys for them. According to Variety, she wanted a portrait taken of herself with the dogs that could be called "Send in the Clones."

There's still a part of Streisand, however, that will always miss Samantha, the "mom" of her pet family.

Here's to Miss Violet and Miss Scarlet and Miss Fanny carrying on her memory.

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