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/ Source: TODAY
By Rebekah Lowin

You've got to do something to celebrate the 1-month birthday of a baby elephant, right?

So why not stick with a tried-and-true party theme? Say, the classic baby shower?

That must have been the thinking behind this elephant soiree hosted by the Wildlife Reserves Singapore. The fact that baby showers normally happen before said baby's birth is besides the point, because this was a very different kind of shower. Since Tuesday's the little one's official debut at the zoo, it's only fitting that we celebrate it again this morning!

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In a clip posted to its Facebook page, the foundation's beloved elephant calf is seen walking between two older elephants as she's sprayed with water.

What's most interesting about the video is the little one's eyes. They appear to bug out with joy as she "dances" beneath the spray. It turns out that elephant eyes just look larger when they're babies than when they're fully-grown.

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It's such a cute celebration that we're sort of hoping this kind of shower catches on with human 1-month-olds too!