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Unbearable cuteness: Australian zoo's new baby koala makes debut

It looks like there's an adorable addition to one Australian zoo's koala exhibit — and the excitement is hardly bearable. 

Last Friday, a baby koala emerged from its mother's pouch at the Taronga Western Plains Zoo in New South Wales, Australia. The female baby's name is Rosea, after a flowering species of the eucalyptus plant that's native to the continent. 

Though Rosea was born eight months ago, she's spent most of the last year hidden inside the pouch of her mother, Wild Girl. Koalas are born underdeveloped and spend the first months of their lives growing inside of their mother's protective pouches. 

Zookeeper Natacha Richards said in a press release on Taronga's site that Rosea is a little shy, but should stop clinging to her mother's chest and move to her back instead in the next few months.

The Taronga Western Plains Zoo currently has six koalas — one male, three females and two more koala joeys that will soon emerge from their mothers' pouches. 

Surely the zoo will be prepared for all the cuteness, given that it's no stranger to adorable baby sightings: The zoo's Sydney location welcomed Britain's Prince George during the royal family's tour Down Under in April.