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Awww! Baby koala clings to mom while she undergoes surgery

For one adorable koala cub, even surgery couldn't stop him from hugging his mom.

According to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, the mother koala, named Lizzy, had been hit by a car near Brisbane and suffered some "face trauma and a collapsed lung." While veterinarians operated on the adult koala, her young joey named Phantom clung to her side.

Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital
Baby koala hangs on to mom during life-saving surgery

"Lizzy is now recovering well under the expert care of the vet team and getting some serious TLC from 6-month-old Phantom, who is too young to leave her side," reads an update posted Wednesday to the zoo's Instagram account. "The Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital has treated more than 58,000 native Australian wildlife patients to date, Phantom and Lizzy are just two who have been given a second chance."

Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital
Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital

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