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Orphaned baby kangaroo tries hopping for the first time — and we're in love

Six-month-old Bradley may be an orphan, but he's hopping right along!
Orphaned baby kangaroo learns to take his first hops.
Orphaned baby kangaroo learns to take his first hops.The Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs
/ Source: TODAY

At only 6 months old, an orphaned baby kangaroo named Bradley spends most of his time tucked away in a pillowcase that serves as a substitute for his mother's pouch.

Bradley is out and about for a few minutes a day — like the moment you see in this utterly charming video, which his caretakers say is the little guy's very first time trying to hop.

Commence swoons:

Bradley's mother died when she was hit by a car. So now the joey lives on a 188-acre kangaroo sanctuary, founded in 2005, in central Australia.

Orphaned baby kangaroo learns to take his first hops.
Bradley with another of the sanctuary's kangaroos named MaxThe Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs

"Bradley survived in his mum's pouch," Tahnee Passmore-Barns of The Kangaroo Sanctuary in Alice Springs told TODAY by email. "We rescued him and will raise him."

Despite his sad beginning, Bradley "is doing really well and is very alert and such a cute little character," she said.

The sanctuary takes in "quite a few" orphaned joeys like Bradley every year, Passmore-Barns said.

Bradley's admirers can help by visiting the sanctuary for a guided sunset tour and donating on the sanctuary's website.

"Or helping out at their own local wildlife shelter or animal shelter," Passmore-Barns said. "Our motto is animals come first."