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Baby elephant gets rescued by adults from mud puddle — and it's adorable!

They're some of the biggest babies on the planet, and we can't get enough of watching their antics.
/ Source: TODAY

Fact: Baby elephants love mud. Also fact: Baby elephants are about as coordinated as, well, most babies.

The combination makes for some adorably cute moments, like in this new video of a petite pachyderm at the Kruger National Park in South Africa struggling to get out of the mud hole he's flailing around in.

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Fortunately, elephants never forget about their own bumbling calf-hoods, and the grown-ups quickly show up on the scene to lend a hand (er, trunk) in assistance.

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Meanwhile, we get to enjoy the whole spectacle. (And stick around: Once he's back on dry land he's still not entirely sure about this walking thing!)

Check out the video!

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