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Aw! This big dog and teeny bunny are the best of pals

Cue the awwwws!
/ Source: TODAY

As if we weren't already excited enough about the prospect of warmer weather, this sunshine-filled video of a dog playing with a tiny bunny in a gorgeous green meadow has our hearts soaring.

We'll admit it's hard not to feel a little worried for the smaller of the friendly duo, who seems a little too unfettered by the enormous size of his companion. But the Labrador plays patiently, kindly and gently with the rabbit, warming our cold, wintry hearts.

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Filmed by photographer David Jackson in early March, the clip of the two playing, which has since gone viral on YouTube with over 100,000 views, is captioned with the following: "Meg, meet your new friend — Little John Stamos. This is what happens when a Yellow Lab meets a wild baby bunny..."

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This is the stuff of fairy tales, especially when their two noses meet at the end in a Disney-worthy kiss.