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Animal crime spree: Monkeys, crabs and other wild thieves in action

Tighten that camera grip!

Word seems to be spreading in the animal kingdom that stealing cameras is a lot of fun, as evidenced by a series of recent videos featuring skilled animal thieves. A word to the wise: If it comes down to a match between you and a monkey, you might lose.

When Ailton Schoemberger set up his GoPro camera to film himself feed monkeys near Bali's Uluwatu Temple, he had no idea he was in fact setting up for a monkey chase.

“I was going to feed the monkeys with fruit and had the brilliant idea to shoot it with my GoPro,” he wrote on YouTube, where he posted the video in January.

After taking a few steps away from the camera, a monkey swooped in, grabbed the device, and made a run for it. The monkey managed to open the camera’s case and even remove the battery, but eventually an employee at the Uluwatu Temple convinced the monkey to trade the camera for some fruit.

“I lost the battery,” Schoemberger wrote, “but got this awesome and unexpected video."

YouTube user Diederick Ryan thought he would have some fun at a resort in Fiji when he set up his GoPro camera just outside a crab hole. Instead, the crab had some fun with him.

The footage he caught shows the crab crawling out of the ground, approaching the camera, and beginning to drag it into the hole. Fortunately, the owner got the last laugh: “Luckily I got it just in time,” he wrote.

And one scuba diver got into an underwater tug of war with an octopus when the animal got grabby.

In a video uploaded to YouTube earlier this month, the diver is seen snapping photographs near a reef. Suddenly, an octopus wraps his tentacles around the camera and pulls it away from the photographer.

It’s unclear who won this battle, but we'll know who came out on top if we start seeing the octopus post his own YouTube videos.