After Texas flood, grandma reunited with beloved poodle Tinkerbell

/ Source: TODAY

In the aftermath of the deadly storms and flash flooding that ravaged parts of Texas and Oklahoma, at least one happy story has emerged.

A Texas grandmother who was stranded at a Houston Rockets game when the flooding hit on Monday was recently reunited with her beloved poodle, Tinkerbell, who had been trapped in a kennel at home, according to Houston’s KPRC, an NBC affiliate.

“It was a wonderful game,” Lena Givens, 84, told the station, until she was stranded for hours before finally being able to take an Uber home.

But she soon realized she wouldn’t be able to get home, as the roads of her neighborhood were under water. Knowing Tinkerbell was stuck inside the house, Givens’ grandson borrowed a friend’s duck boat to rescue the dog, and Givens and Tinkerbell were reunited on Tuesday, KPRC reported.

The dog had gotten out of its kennel and was floating on a chair in the living room, according to the station, which captured video of the happy reunion.

Just before the Rockets’ win against the Golden State Warriors on Monday, a message flashed across the scoreboard warning fans to stay put because of the weather. Hundreds of people were stranded for several hours until the flood warning expired around 5:30 a.m.

The flooding destroyed parts of Oklahoma and northern Texas, killing at least 19 people, and water levels continue to rise. Several more people are missing.