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Before and after photos of rescued dogs show what a difference a home makes

Dogs can bring so much joy to their owners, but as some people have shared on Reddit, just a few simple photos show just how much being adopted means for man's best friend.

On the subreddit called "Before N After Adoption," users have been submitting before and after pictures of their rescued pups that show just how happy a loving home make dogs and cats. 

One user shared a photo of Spokey, a lab/hound mix adopted from the SPCA writing, "What a difference one day can make. Meet Spokey!"


One dog named Jackson noticeably loves his new dog bed!

AUChris03 / Today

One little guy named Chex, his owner wrote, was found sleeping in a dirt hole. And two years later, he loves sleeping in his owner's bed and taking trips to the dog park. 


This pitbull, Pillow, was adopted with a tumor on his leg, and has since recovered from a surgery to remove it, and loves cuddling with his owner.

Gniwa / Today

The owner of one adorable kitten named Leo shared a photo comparing the day he was rescued to his current happy state, only four months later.


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