Adorably tranquil piglet and kitten cuddle in sweet display of interspecies love

/ Source: TODAY

The weekend is almost here, and we are prepped and ready to sit at home and do absolutely nothing.

As you ease out of the the busy work week, take a cue from this perfect piglet-and-kitten pair: Find a loved one and snuggle up! It's time for much-needed (and well-deserved) rest and relaxation.

Put on your softest clothes, play a soothing lullaby and succumb to the sheer calmness of it all. It's the sweetest embodiment of interspecies love.

The sweet clip was posted to YouTube by Santuario Igualdad Interespecie on Jan. 28. The caption, in Spanish, reveals that Laura, the piglet, was rescued from a pig farm and brought to the sanctuary. She formed a bond with Marina, the kitten, showing us that — as the video's title suggests — these two babies can teach us all a lesson about love.

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Two babies giving us a lesson of love.YouTube

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After watching these two snuggle, you'll be out cold in no time.

Two babies giving us a lesson of love.YouTube

How nice does that sound?

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