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This adorable red panda can't contain his happiness while munching bamboo

It's the little things that make us happiest. You know, like hanging out and eating bamboo.
/ Source: TODAY

It's the little things that make us happiest.

You know, like casually hanging out and eating some bamboo.

That's exactly what this red panda is doing, and few animals have ever looked happier.

Charity organization The Red Panda Network posted a collage of four photos of the adorable red panda on Facebook.

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According to the group, the panda, named Teajmunn, lives at Paradise Wildlife Park in the U.K. and he just loves chowing down on bamboo.

We're sure Teajmunn is a big attraction at the park because that smile is contagious.

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The best part of the collage is seeing Teajmunn's happiness go from mild contentment to uncontrollable joy.

As Teajmunn gets happier, his smile gets wider and his eyes close a bit tighter. And it's perfect.

We can only imagine that's what we look like when someone hands us chocolate.