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Adorable puppy Samson tricks owner into believing he's well-trained

/ Source: TODAY

Samson appears to be rather smart for his age.

The 11-week-old puppy can sit on command and even find his toy when asked, but perhaps his most impressive trick is the one he can play on his owner.

One proud woman filmed Samson as he showed off some of his puppy-training skills. Samson seemed to pass with flying colors, and his owner expressed her gleeful approval.

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"Good boy. You're doing so well. I'm very proud of you!" she praised.

And after obediently responding to her request to sit, Samson got back up and pawed across the floor.

It wasn't until his owner moved the camera back around that she noticed a large puddle of pee where Samson had sat.

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"What the ... ?" she said as her cheerful tone disappeared.

Don't worry, Samson's owner. We would have been fooled by those eyes, too!