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Adorable dog learns how to 'trust fall' into his owner's arms

This adorable puppy learned how to play trust fall with his owner!
/ Source: TODAY

If trust is the key to friendship, then it appears dog really is a man's best friend.

This pup trusts his owner so much he seems to have no problem throwing his trust around — literally!

A dog named Watson learned how to play "trust fall", a game where one person (or dog) falls back trusting that a partner will catch them. The video, posted to Instagram last week week by Watson and Kiko, has more than 552,000 views.

Instead of getting nervous before falling backwards, Watson sits gleefully, waiting for his owner to shout, "trust fall!" at which point Watson casually falls back, anticipating his owner's embrace.

"(Watson) is so trusting. This is the best trick ever," the video is captioned. "He just falls into your arms."

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Can you say relationship goals?

But the childhood game isn't where the fun ends with the lovable Watson. The eager dog seems to live a life of adventure and flawless Instagrams.

From listening to music to enjoying a relaxing bubble bath, Watson has all of his bases covered. There's a lot to learn from this paw-esome pup.

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The real question: how did Watson's owner teach him to trust fall?

Whatever the magic that taught this dog to play, it turns out you can teach an old dog new tricks!