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Adorable dog chooses pizza over his 'best friend'

We've long thought of dogs as man's best friend. Well, this dog has a twist on the whole idea of who his BFF is.
/ Source: TODAY

Do your best friends come with a slice of pepperoni and an extra-thick crust?

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They do if you're a totally adorable Maltese Shih Tzu puppy from Boston named Benji!

In a sweet video posted on Instagram, Benji's owner repeatedly asks him to choose who his best friend is among an array of soft toys. Every time, Benji puts his wee fuzzy paw on the moose.

Well, until a soft toy pizza arrives! Then the whole thing goes out the window.

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Benji, we feel you. Friends may come with many benefits, but they rarely sate our hunger the way a nice chewy slice can.

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