These dueling cats prove the thin line between love and hate

/ Source: TODAY

If there's any species known for its love-hate relationships, it's cats. Wrapped around your ankles one moment, glaring at you from under the bed the next — there's a reason felines are notorious for being temperamental.

But some colors of cats are perceived to be moodier than others, according to a 2012 study from the University of California at Berkeley. Orange cats were believed to be the friendliest, while white cats were considered more "aloof" and tortoiseshell cats just plain "intolerant."

Still, even cats can defy stereotypes, as shown by this hilarious GIF from Imgur. These two felines may not have the calmest relationship, but the white cat is definitely full of affection — that is, until his furry friend lashes out. Is it "power grooming" between frenemies, or just a kitty kiss gone bad? Who knows — maybe brown cats are secretly the most aggressive!