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Adorable baby sloth clings to mom

Too cute: Newborns sloths use their mother for the first half year as a hammock..

The most squishable two-toed baby sloth — with black button eyes and a wet nose — was born on April 16 at Zoo Vienna. And as expected, the newborn is not straying far from mom.

"Newborn sloths use their mother for the first half year as a hammock and cling to her belly fur and cuddle," explained zoo director Dagmar Schratter in a press release.

The little one is already mom Alberta's fourth cub. "Alberta is already an experienced mother," said Schratter. "She nurses her baby, and shows him how to nibble lettuce leaves."

According to Zoo Vienna, two-toed sloths are native to the rain forests of South America and spend most of their lives hanging in trees upside down, with their long, curved claws giving them support in the branches. These unusual animals usually move in slow motion, as there is also no need to move faster — they are camouflaged from predators, and they do not have to go long distances for food, which usually consists of leaves, buds and fruits.

As for the latest addition, zoo keepers could not yet determine if it is male or female. But no matter its gender, you can be sure it will be properly celebrating Mother's Day this year — by hugging mom.

This little sloth likes to cuddle close to mom.