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This adorable baby is head over heels in love with the family cat

This video of a baby being unable to control her excitement over her family's cat is just too cute. It's a must watch!
/ Source: TODAY

Aww! Now this is just adorable! This baby girl may not even be able to talk, but she isn't shy about hiding her love for her family's kitty cat.

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They say you're never too young to love, and in many ways this saying has never been more true. This baby has fallen head over heels for this little kitty. As her mom approaches her crib with the cat, the baby's face lights up with joy. Her eyes get big as they fill with excitement. She makes the cutest little giggles and coos as she squirms. At one point, her mom places the cat in her crib, and the baby gets so excited that she starts snorting. It's absolutely precious to watch her reaction!

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At the end, it looks like the cat escapes the crib and the baby girl isn't too happy. She immediately pushes herself over as if she is trying to go get it. It's a good thing her mom put her in a sleeping sack because we wouldn't be surprised if this little girl escaped the crib all in the name of the cat.

After watching this, we're pretty sure this baby's first words will be, "Here kitty kitty!"