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3-month old sloth flies in private jet to Pittsburgh's National Aviary

/ Source: Today

Boarding all sloths!

A 3-month-old Linnaeus's two-toed sloth, born in Florida, recently flew from his breeder to his new home at the National Aviary in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The National Aviary tweeted the sloth's faster-than-usual progress as he made his journey.

And when the 10-inch-tall, 2-pound sloth landed, the Aviary uploaded a video of him being escorted (err... carried) off the plane.

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If the private jet wasn't enough, the young animal was also greeted by a group of eager paparazzi.

Whew! After such a long day, the sloth needed a lavish meal.

And perhaps he needed a good nap, too!

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He will be introduced to the public this Friday, when he will appear in the Avian Care Center window.

But if you want to spend some quality time with the celebrity sloth, you'll have to wait until March 25, when visitors will be able to book private encounters.