24-hour nursery increases kitten survival rate in San Diego

/ Source: TODAY

They're cute, cuddly and with the efforts of the San Diego Humane Society, these adorable kittens now have a chance at survival.

A 24-hour kitten nursery in California is what's making that possible. To date, they've saved 1,466 kittens with round-the-clock supervision and care.

According to Stacy Archambault, the marketing communications specialist for the San Diego Humane Society, this is the only facility in the city that can support the demanding needs of these young kittens.

"The kittens from the nursery are transferred from other shelters or brought in from the general public," she told TODAY. "Typically they are underage — we care for neonatal kittens (0-2 weeks old) and they require 24-hour care."

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But most importantly, this organization has developed a program that has already put young kitten survival rates on the rise.

"Without these services, the kittens wouldn’t survive on their own," said Archambault. "Previously underage kittens would be euthanized in other shelters."

Interested in adopting? Check the San Diego Humane Society's website as often as possible for all available animals.