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23 adorable adopted pets living the good life

From daily snuggles to birthday celebrations, these pampered rescue pups are living their best lives.
/ Source: TODAY

Once you decide to rescue a pup from your local shelter, you know your life will change forever. Although these animals come in all shapes and sizes one thing is sure — your new addition will bring another layer of love and excitement into your life.

TODAY asked fans to share photos of their adopted furry friends, and we have to say, they did not disappoint. We could stare at these precious photos all day long.

Thanks to all who submitted!


Renee Robinson/Facebook

"This is my rescue Penny, adopted 2 1/2 years ago. She was abandoned on the cold Baltimore streets during the polar vortex of 2014. She is my princess and my heart! She definitely lives the good life now!" - Renee Robinson


Kate Elizabeth/Facebook

"This is Bailey. He rescued me just about a year ago. I can't imagine my life without him. He's my best friend, my confidant, and always knows how to make me smile." - Kate Elizabeth

Bailey, Lily, Riley, & Pandora

Rhonda Budge/Facebook

"Our life wouldn't be the same without our girls: Bailey, Lily, Riley and Pandora. All adopted from local rescues. Here they are looking adorable in a fun cart ride!" - Rhonda Budge


Rae Ann Guinn/Facebook

“Duckie rescued me nine years ago. She is my sidekick in all things and loves adventures! She loves car rides, kayaking, swimming, hiking, walks, and snuggling under blankets" - Rae Ann Guinn

Deuce's Wild

Kara Cochran/Facebook

"I adopted my Doberman Deuce's Wild from Midwest Doberman Rescue St. Louis...11 years later he is my best buddy in the whole world! He lives like a 'person' now, sleeping on the couch, in my bed, getting late night snacks and plenty of car rides, snuggles and kisses." - Kara Cochran


Jeannine Tirpik Simcoe/Facebook

"Here is a picture of 'Yooper' who we adopted from our local animal shelter just days before Christmas last year. He is a wonderful addition to our family and helped to fill the void after we had to put our son's beloved yellow lab to sleep in October. This picture was taken after one of his recent baths, of course!" - Jeannine Tirpik Simcoe


Brianne Givens/Facebook

"My beautiful Dolly!! November 17th we will celebrate our three-year 'adoptaversary.' I rescued her from animal control in Milwaukee. She loves to play, cuddle, go for walks, meet new people, and hang out with her grandparents. Dolly has since inspired me to foster six more pitties, in order to help give them a second chance at life!" - Brianne Givens

Miss Rosie Sunshine

Kim Walker Primavera/Facebook

"We rescued Miss Rosie Sunshine five years ago this month from Florida Boxer Rescue. She brightens our days and fills our hearts with joy. At almost 11 years old, we make it our goal to always let her know how loved she is!" - Kim Walker Primavera

Bill Murray

Jennifer Schaller/Facebook

"Adopted Bill Murray here three years ago. Best decision I ever made...he loves everyone and always wants to play fetch with his favorite ball. He also enjoys car rides and sticking his head out of the window." - Jennifer Schaller


Jennifer DeGarmo

"This is Tucker, of course. My sweet boy was abandoned along with the rest of his litter mates in the woods, and I adopted him through a great local rescue group. He's 10 years old now and we have fun learning new tricks!" - Jennifer DeGarmo


Jennifer Cook Banford/Facebook

"Meet Archie! We just adopted him last month from Tails of Hope Rescue in Ohio, but we feel like we are the lucky ones!" - Jennifer Cook Banford


Sandie Ruth Laws/Facebook

"This is Geordie, adopted when he was 7 months old from TGRR out of Greensboro, NC. He was a puppy mill dog. He is now ten! This is his Halloween costume from last year, the movie Risky Business." - Sandie Ruth Laws


Stephanie Rathe/Facebook

"My boy Tucker adopted from Pets Without Partners in Redding, CA. He's the sweetest little guy who loves to ride in the mountains in his Jeep!" - Stephanie Rathe


Jen Shaw/Facebook

"Just rescued little 8-week-old Maskwa a few days ago from Rez Dog Rescue of Montana! We can't wait to grow old with her (also can't wait until she's potty trained)!" - Jen Shaw

Miss Bee

Jean-Marie Detcher/Facebook

"My beauty, Miss Bee, adopted from Last Hope K9 based out of Boston. She just turned 1 and of course, we had to celebrate!" - Jean-Marie Detcher

Tucker & Mia

Erica Dynda/Facebook

"This is Tucker, a lab/pit mix who was adopted six years ago and his sister, Mia, a beagle mix, who was adopted five years ago!" - Erica Dynda


Jane Cloyd Neal/Facebook

"Meet 5-month-old Roxy. We just adopted her from Suncoast Animal League. She has a beautiful smile to match her sweet personality!" - Jane Cloyd Neal


Missy Benney Funyak/Facebook

"We adopted Molly three years ago from the Humane Society of Westmoreland County in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. Love her to pieces!" - Missy Benney Funyak


Annika Wuerfel/Facebook

"I adopted Bunny from the Humane Society this year! She is 10 years old. I love her and all my rescue animals very much!" - Annika Wuerfel


Melanie Thomas Rogers/Facebook

"This is Buster! Adopted him three months ago. And yes, he ATE MY HOMEWORK, but he's too cute to punish!" - Melanie Thomas Rogers

Chance & Penny

Adriana Rahe/Facebook

This is Chance & Penny, my two dogs who were rescued 7 years ago. Penny came from a hoarding situation and Chance (who is blind) was found laying in the snow in the mountains. He is my foster failure. My dogs mean everything to me!" - Adriana Rahe

Lola, Laz, Molly, & Max

Willy A Stevenson/Facebook

"All four of our fur babies were adopted! Here are Lola, Laz, Molly and Max!" - Willy A Stevenson


Autumn Rene MacKillop/Facebook

"My husband and I attended Purdue University and while there we frequently volunteered to walk dogs on Saturday. One day we decided to go walk dogs and fell in love with this sweet guy. His name is Putter (we are golfers and it fits his personality to a tee!) He is now 5 years old and is a daddy's boy. We couldn't imagine our lives without him!" - Autumn Rene MacKillop