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Fiona the Hippo makes her Super Bowl prediction

The world-famous hippo goes deep to pick a Super Bowl LII winner on the latest episode of "The Fiona Show."
/ Source: TODAY

Clearly, Fiona the hippo clearly doesn't read the Vegas odds.

The 1-year-old star of the Cincinnati Zoo weighed in on Sunday's Super Bowl LII, defying conventional wisdom to pick the Philadelphia Eagles over the New England Patriots.

While scientific accuracy may be called into question as the process — shown on the adorable animal's Facebook Watch series, "The Fiona Show" — consisted of Fiona picking which lettuce to devour first off one of two boxes, each with one of the teams' logos.

Analysis of the Eagles' pass rush or the condition of Pats quarterback Tom Brady's hand may not have been much of a factor.

And the rest of the animal kingdom may be a little less confident in Fiona's pick.

On Wednesday night's broadcast of "The Tonight Show," Jimmy Fallon wrangled an all-star team of puppies to make their own prediction. Those prognosticating pups chose the bowl of kibble with the Patriots logo emblazoned across it — though New England fans should take note that doggies have only correctly predicted the Super Bowl winner two out of five times since Fallon started the segment in 2013.

In Waco, Texas, Cameron Park Zoo's Mukah the orangutan also picked the Pats... or at least a ball with a Pats logo. And April the giraffe made a similar prediction on Wednesday at Animal Adventure Park in upstate New York, despite hailing from deep in Buffalo Bills territory.

Fiona, arguably the world's most famous hippo, turned 1 year old on Jan. 24. She's been an international internet star ever since she was born six weeks premature and 20 pounds underweight, requiring a heroic effort by the Cincinnati Zoo staff to keep her alive in those early days. Fiona has rebounded since and now has her own Facebook Watch show, the first season of which drew 34 million views.