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13 crazy things our Facebook fans' dogs have eaten


Inspired by the expensive tastes of a golden retriever named Sundance, who munched five $100 bills when left alone in the car for a few minutes, we asked our Facebook fans to name the craziest items their dogs have ever eaten. And, well, it seems Sundance (and that dog who chowed down on 111 pennies) are in very good company.

Here are 13 of the most outlandish accounts about items your dear dogs have dared to put in their mouths, as shared on TODAY's Facebook page. View more hilarious comments and join the conversation here.

A Duraflame log: "My Jack Russell/poodle mix has eaten the usual shoes, furniture, retainers, etc. but his best trick was eating a Duraflame Log. The vet's response to my panicked call? 'Just don't light a match near his back end.'" —Wendy Coolidge McGahey

The car: "Well, I know a dog who ate a car ... No, seriously and literally. She munched on the seat, seatbelt, dashboard and glovebox door. She was in the car for a total of 7 minutes." —Caryn Burton

Your underwear: "Three pairs of underwear ($1,200 surgery later ...)" —Angela Kemper

Diamonds (not just a girl's best friend, apparently): "My rottweiler ate my wedding rings that she got off my jewelry box on my dresser. Followed her for two days searching poop!!! Got back and was able to fix them. Jewelers were amazed at how bad they were!!!" —Kim Beasley Jarvis

Dentures: "Another of my dogs chewed my mother's dentures that she had left on the nightstand." —Vickie Shipp

Electronics (of any kind): "Well, in one week our lab ate an expensive entertainment remote, our laptop mouse, my Christmas tree cord and my digital camera, all of which was thought to be out of her reach! A couple days later, she went into heat for the first time! She had major PMS that week I guess." —Bonnie Messer

Man asks government to replace $500 his dog ate

The cat's litter: "The cat litter box was my dog's personal buffet." —Mary Roberston McConnell

The fence: "My labs ate the back privacy fence so they could go swimming in the neighbor's pool. In February. They had a great time. The neighbor? Not thrilled." —Angela Odom Warczakoski

Homework (no, really): "Our old Chow/Lab mix ate my daughters homework!! (for real). It was a playdough map. It slipped out of her hands as she boarded the school bus. 'Shannie' ate it in two bites, before my daughter could get it picked up. Had a really hard time convincing her teacher that the 'dog at her homework'!!" —Elizabeth Lib King Turner

Their own toys: "My 11-year-old Dachshund mix ate an entire (6-inch-long) plastic lizard. Didn't even chew it — and yes a very pricey operation followed to remove it. The vet's office still has a pic of it on their "wall of shame" 9 years later!!" —Michelle LaWall Vargas

Christmas lights: "I had a dog once that laid underneath our Christmas tree and ate the lights that were plugged in at the time, same dog ate raw chicken out of a bowl in my sink (bones 'n all)." —Pat Stareski

Concert tickets: "My dog ate a pair of Aerosmith concert tickets, just left little pieces that looked like confetti all over the floor. We picked up what we could and put them in a baggie, went to the concert, and believe it or not, they let us in!" —Debbie Russell Vandergriff

And then there are some dogs who seem to think the whole world is their food bowl:

"$10 bill, some singles, eyeglasses, a shoe (brand new, btw), bananas with the peel, an entire cantaloupe (including the rind), used tissues, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, yogurt, a chicken wing, raw cookie dough, and a couple of pages out of 'Marley and Me' (among other things). Our goldendoodle is a big jerk, but we love him." —Jillian C. Diaz