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'Your kid is naked in your window': Here's the story behind hilarious viral photo

Mom Jennifer Boysen had jumped in the shower for five minutes when her 2-year-old son decided to make a display.
/ Source: TODAY

Jennifer Boysen had spent most of her day at school, preparing to finish her registered nursing degree. When she came home, she spent some time with her son Dax before stepping away to take a quick shower, leaving him sitting on her bed watching "Peppa Pig."

When she got out of the shower and looked at her phone, she had several texts from her neighbor. The texts revealed that while she'd been in the shower, 2-year-old Dax had stripped off his diaper and climbed into her window, standing fully naked in view of the entire street.

"Your kid is naked in your window," her neighbor had written, adding that she'd deleted the photo she'd taken. "But I looked up when I got home and there he was."

Jennifer Boysen's 2-year-old son Dax stood naked in the window for the whole neighborhood to see.
Jennifer Boysen / Facebook

"I opened them, and there they were," Boysen told TODAY Parents. "When I walked back into the bedroom, though, (Dax) was already sitting back on the bed, so had she not told me I would have never known."

Dax hadn't put his clothes back on before returning to watching TV, but Boysen said that he, much like her other 4-year-old son Levi, "hates clothes."

"He had only had a diaper on prior to that, because it's pretty usual for my kids to rip their clothes off," Boysen laughed. On Facebook, she joked that her kids "may as well be nudists."

Boysen told TODAY Parents that when the photo was first taken, she spent almost an entire day laughing about it.

"I just really could not stop laughing," said Boysen, who works full-time as a licensed practical nurse in addition to taking classes. "I feel like when you're so busy and your days are planned out down to the minute, and something like that happens, it's so unexpected. It was almost like, I could either laugh or cry because I couldn't believe it had happened, so it was just going to laugh, and (my neighbor) was laughing along with me. She has kids and she gets it."

Boysen said that even before this, she and her neighbor were friends — so friendly that when Dax saw her from the window, he started waving.

"He was apparently waving to her prior to when she grabbed her camera," Boysen said. "He stopped, but when she pulled into her driveway, he was waving. ... Every time I look at it, I just crack up laughing."

Jennifer Boysen is pictured with her sons, Dax, 2, and Levi, 4, and her husband, Mitch.
Jennifer Boysen is pictured with her sons, Dax, 2, and Levi, 4, and her husband, Mitch. Annie B Photography

Boysen said she was completely unprepared for the photos to go viral after she shared them on social media. Her post about the neighbor's text has been shared nearly 150,000 times and garnered almost 40,000 likes.

"I just try to be really transparent with my life, because I feel like so much of what we see on social media is pictures of perfect families and our smiling kids, but we have real moments," Boysen said. "It was an extremely real moment of parenting and we thought it was so funny, so we posted it."

Initially the post was shared privately, so only she and her husband's Facebook friends could see it, but friends and family wanted to share it, so they made it public. Boysen joked that Dax has no idea he's gone so viral.

"I just wanted to wash my hair," wrote Boysen on Facebook. "Dax had other plans."

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