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You won't believe what a woman said about her kids' stepmom

... and other happy stories and videos from the past week.
/ Source: TODAY

Congratulations! You made it through another week, and it's one week closer to summer. If that's not enough to cheer you up, we have a few more reasons to share:

The Force lives on in Carrie Fisher's grandson ...

One of our favorite unofficial national holidays, "Star Wars" Day, was May 4 — as in, May the Fourth be with you! — and Carrie Fisher's daughter, actor Billie Lourd, celebrated the day and her mother by dressing her son Kingston in some headwear appropriate for the occasion.

Obviously, the Force is strong in this one ... and in Fisher's legacy. We all miss Princess Leia, but we love watching her Jedi grandson grow up!

... and in this young restaurant server

Kindness comes full circle, as TikTok user Alyssa Jeacoma recently learned. When one of her customers, whom she described as "an older woman with two children," apologized to her because she could not afford to tip her and she had just wanted to give the children a good birthday, Jeacoma decided to pay their bill for them.

"I was totally prepared to walk out with no money for that day, but it was worth it because she was so happy when I told her that I paid their tab. I just felt good for doing it," Jeacoma explained through tears in a video she posted.


wow ok really emotional but kindness is a full circle guys go do something nice today ##kindness ##fyp ##foryou ##work ##foryoupage

♬ Sunset Lover Night Trouble - SelteMemset

The table of customers behind Jeacoma heard her tell the customer that she had paid her bill, and they in turn left Jeacoma a $300 tip. "And they said, 'You should spread kindness,'" Jeacoma said. "And I haven't stopped crying since then. It was just a nice interaction with people."

Kindness for the win!

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We thanked the nation's nurses for their heroism this past year

May 6 was National Nurses Day, and if there was ever a time to celebrate these brave frontline health care workers, it's now.

On Thursday, we at TODAY did our part to thank those who cared for so many during the coronavirus crisis this past year, and we had a little help from some VIPs: their former patients.

Thank you, nurses!

... and this mom had some choice words for her kids' stepmother

"What a phenomenal stepmom looks like, OK," said TikTok user DuchessKatofMcNuggets as she points the camera at a woman holding a child on her hip while managing a small crowd of customers at a lemonade stand.

"She and my ex-husband handmade this lemonade stand and are out here hustlin' for these babies," she continued as her son comes to her car window and asks her to buy a lemonade.

We love to see loving, supportive co-parenting in action! What lucky kids to have such amazing parents.

Little Archie had a big birthday!

Attention, please! Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, son of Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, is now 2 years old!

This has been a big year for young Archie already, but the year ahead will hold even more milestones: Archie is about to become a big brother!

... and this man had a bigger birthday than he expected!

After 11 years of trying to have a baby, TikTok user @HulkNav87 and his wife are expecting a baby! She surprised him with the news by giving him a special birthday cake that said, "Happy birthday, Soon-to-Be Dad."


We're ##Pregnant "After 11 Years of Trying Were Having a ##Baby "Greatest ##Birthday ##Present Ever" ##pregnancyannouncement ##cryin @ellendegeneres

♬ original sound - Hulk

It's Mother's Day this weekend, but watching his reaction will make your heart swell for all the great dads out there.

From now on, this might be the only kind of gender reveal party we can support ...

Recently, gender reveal parties have proven to be problematic for several reasons. However, this version — which allowed the mom-to-be Lindsay Bannon's brothers to be part of the production — is pretty epic, we admit.

That baby has some fun uncles waiting for him. Good luck, Mom and Dad!

... and we wish we attended this party with our "Friends!"

This is not a drill: The cast of "Friends" will be there for you again soon!

They recently shot a long-awaited reunion in their original soundstage in Los Angeles.

“It was unbelievable, so emotional,” Courteney Cox explained on Thursday’s episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” “It’s an unscripted reunion, but we got to be on Stage 24 for the first time, all of us, in I forgot how many years — 15 years? Seventeen years?”

Now that will be some Must See TV!

When all else fails, baby giggles and tail wags are the best

Starlight is getting adopted!

We can't help but smile and laugh along with these twins ...


I love watching them interact! they have the sweetest, funniest relationship. Being a twin mama is the best! ##twins ##twinma ##twinmomlife ##twinboys

♬ original sound - littletinytwins

And if you need a hype man, Betty the otter from the Aquarium of the Pacific is here to help.

Have a great weekend!