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We might have found the world's cutest toddler

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Found: Worlds Most Adorable Toddler

The search is over! We have the located what is possibly the cutest toddler in the history of the world, and her name is Yerin (nickname: Bobae). She lives in Seoul, Korea, with her parents and baby sister Yeseo.

What proof do I have these she’s the cutest ever? Exhibit A: Her Skype session with her daddy—skip to :48 for her happy freakout when they resolve their technical problems.

Exhibit B: She gets waaay into teaching her sister to crawl: “Baby! Good job! Fighting!”

Exhibit C: This montage of her playing run-away-from-Daddy has a surprise ending.

Even when she’s grumpy, she’s still charming. Exhibit D: Check out her crying in her cereal bowl and wish you could look this cute when you’ve stayed up too late.

Yerin’s happy little life is documented on her family’s blog. Subscribe to the family’s YouTube channel to see what delightful things she’ll do next.

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A version of this story originally appeared on iVillage.