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Wonder twin power: You won't believe the 'twintuition' of these siblings

We've put together some of our favorite heartwarming stories that'll help convince you of the power of the relationship between twins.
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The twins who held hands at the finish line of the Olympic marathon were accused of treating the event "like a fun run." But for those who marvel at the amazing relationship between twins, it was one of the sweetest moments of the Games.

For some twins, from the time they enter the world (or even when they are in the womb), they have this crazy thing called "twintutition" — an incredibly strong bond and understanding of each other, that they can literally finish each other's sentences and thoughts.

We've put together some of our favorite heartwarming stories that'll help convince you of the power of the relationship between twins.

'They need each other': Twins born holding hands still inseparable 2 years later

You know you have a serious life-long bond if the minute you enter this world you are holding your sister's hand. To this day, the adorable girls are still growing up together, hand in hand.

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Identical twin sisters give birth on the same day at exact same time

Identical twin sisters Sarah Mariuz and Leah Rodgers said they have always been close and have "twintuition."

Despite being apart and living in different time zones, their bond held strong. Leah welcomed her first baby boy at 1:18 AM Colorado time and Sarah had her baby exactly an hour later at 1:18 AM California time.

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Seeing double: Twin marries twin, and they have identical twin boys


Identical twin brothers Craig and Mark met their soulmates — fellow look-alikes Diane and Darlene, at a twin's convention in Ohio in 1998 and had a double wedding a year later. To add to the family of twins, Craig and Diana had identical twin boys.

Two sets of identical twins marry in India, with twin priests and twin flower girls

After spending every moment on earth together and sharing each other's looks, these twins wanted to start the next chapter of their lives together, by having a double wedding.

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100-year-old twins share unbreakable bond: 'We've never been separated'

The Wallace twins, Mary and Mae Belle in Detroit in the 1940s; and on vacation in New Orleans ahead of their 100th birthday.Courtesy of Nancy Roche

After a century of sisterhood, these look-alike sisters are still best friends.

Identical twins each give birth to 2nd set of twins: 'Life is about to get crazy'

Timpanogos Regional Hospital/Facebook

These identical twins have such a special bond that they carried the gene on to their kids.

Kelli and Kerrie, identical twins, each gave birth to their own set of twins within a 6 week time period. The more ironic part? This is the second set of twins for each woman.

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'Blessings two at a time!' Mom gives birth to 3 sets of twins in 5-year period

After worrying that they would never be able to have children, this couple had a turn of fate. Five years and three sets of twins later, they are overwhelmed with joy and thankfulness about their large family.

Sonogram shows dying twin holding his sister's hand in the womb

Courtesy of Brittani McIntire

Brittani and Ian McIntire, who were expecting twins, faced problem after problem during pregnancy. Sixteen weeks in, they were told devastating news about one of the twins, Mason, who had severe medical conditions and wasn't likely to survive. After being plagued with bad news, their doctor gave them a glimpse of hope. He showed the couple a sonogram of the twins holding hands in the womb.

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Twin sisters in Texas unexpectedly deliver babies within hours of each other

Twin sisters deliver their babies on the same day. Identical twin sisters delivered their babies on the same day at the Woman's Hospital of Texas. Karen Escobar arrived at the hospital on June 17, thinking she might be in labor. She brought along her pregnant twin sister, Kathy, who was to be her "support" person during the birth.

With a due dates over a month apart, identical twins Karen and Kathy never thought their babies would be born on the same day. But their twin power proved otherwise.

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