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These women reveal what friendship looks like after 30 years: showing up

... and more happy, heartwarming and funny videos and stories from the week.
/ Source: TODAY

Sometimes it's hard to find the good in the world, and the tragedy at Astroworld made it a challenge this week. Here are some sources of comfort amid the sad headlines.

A reluctant newbie runner and mom finished the NYC marathon

When mom of three Erin Azar started documenting her fitness journey — which she dubbed Team Struggle Run — on TikTok, she only dreamed the road would lead to the New York City Marathon.

Last weekend, that dream came true.

Along the way, Azar became a TikTok star known as Mrs. Space Cadet with more than 26 million likes. With frequent candid declarations of "I'm dying" as she learned to run, Azar earned her loyal following by being real and relatable.

Congratulations, Erin! Now you are more than relatable; you're inspiring.

The Rockefeller Center tree is on its way to New York City!

A student at the University of Delaware posted a video on her TikTok account of trucks transporting this year's Rockefeller Center Christmas tree past her townhouse. She set the video to Darlene Love singing "Christmas (Please Come Home)," and suddenly, it's Christmas.

We needed a little Christmas!

A mom's video montage of day care pickups will make you cry

Washington, D.C., mom Tisa Sinclair struggled when she had to put her baby, Jaxon Winder, into day care when he was a baby so she could return to work. She told TODAY Parents that even though it was hard and she missed him terribly, she knew "everything was going to be OK the first time I picked him up and saw that smile."

In honor of Jaxon's fifth birthday, Sinclair assembled a video montage documenting her pickups at day care from the time he was 7 months old until now. The sheer joy on Jaxon's face when he sees his mom could demolish any mom's heart with its sweetness.

Happy birthday, Jaxon!

Watch this sweet girl find out she's going to be a big sister

Style influencer Lindsay B. Thomas recently found out she is pregnant, and she documented the moment with her little girl. Her reaction is priceless!

Congratulations to the whole family!

Atlanta Braves' biggest fan received the best birthday gift ever

There's no doubt fans of the World Series championship-winning Atlanta Braves have had a good month, but one fan in particular might be the biggest winner of all.

Maryann Evans, known for recording every single Braves game so she can watch it twice, recently celebrated her 85th birthday. Her family knew exactly what to get her: tickets to Game 5 of the World Series.

The question is, what will her family give Maryann for her 86th birthday? Good luck topping this!

This woman reminds us what friendship looks like: showing up

TikTok user @chats.with.jen posted a video about friendships she has had since high school. She and another friend recently drove through four states to surprise their friend Carrie, who is "hurting," she said.


It is so important to show up!

♬ original sound - chats.with.jen

"Because even after 30 years of graduating from high school, we show up," Jen explained in the video. "Because we're friends, and that's what friends do. You take a road trip and you sing songs and you show up for your friend who's hurting, and you let her know that she is worth every ounce of it, every moment of that drive, just so you can surprise her know exactly how wonderful she is."

Thank you for this reminder to show up, Jen.

This is what a grateful sloth looks like

After he snags an assist in crossing a road from a good Samaritan, this sloth doesn't forget to show his gratitude, and there is something really moving in the gesture.

Hang in there, everyone.