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Woman shares powerful photo of her exhausted firefighter dad sleeping on ground

He had just come off of his 10th 12-plus-hour shift.
/ Source: TODAY

A powerful image of an exhausted Australian firefighter curled up on the ground has struck a chord with people all over the world.

“This is a picture of my Dad getting 5 mins sleep,” Jenna O’Keeffe wrote, noting that her father, who is seen in soot-stained gear, had just come off his 10th 12-plus-hour shift.

“My family have been fighting these fires on our farm and our community nonstop for over a month,” O’Keeffe revealed. “They are tired, they are sore, and they are running out of resources.”

O’Keeffe, who lives in New South Wales, urged followers to donate to help the Australia fire relief effort and to not get distracted by less important things like Facebook news.

“Today I heard my Dad cry, he said, ‘Jen, I have never seen anything like this, it’s never-ending,’” O’Keeffe wrote. “We still have over 50 days of summer left we aren’t even halfway and there is currently no end in sight.”

At least 24 people have died, more than 12 million acres have been scorched and roughly 1,000 homes destroyed since the fires began in September. The blazes were field by extreme heat and prolonged drought.

Scientists estimate that more than a billion animals have been killed.

“Australia is on fire and there are brave people all over our country VOLUNTARILY fighting day in, day out to keep our lives and homes safe,” O’Keeffe wrote. “These firefighters need our support more than ever! This should be our one and only focus.”

O'Keeffe's post has been shared nearly 50,000 times and has racked up thousands of comments.

"I have no words. I can't believe this is happening," replied one person.

Added another, "May this tragic event be over soon."