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Woman's reaction to becoming a great-grandma to triplets is priceless

It's safe to say that becoming a great-grandmother to three babies is earth-shattering news.
/ Source: TODAY

Finding out you're going to be a grandmother is among the more exciting things that can happen to a person (or so we can assume). It's safe to say, then, that becoming a great-grandmother to not one or two but three babies has to be earth-shattering news.

News that Mary Cooksey Patterson's grandmother was not entirely prepared for.

Patterson, of Sumrall, Mississippi, recently posted a video to YouTube her grandparents looking at ultrasound photos. Though she tries to subtly clue her grandmother into the fact that there's not one, not two, but three fetuses to marvel at, the woman's a little too excited to take heed.

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"Is that it right there?" she says, pointing at one of the babies in question, then continues: "Oh, yeah! Yeah, look at that little baby!"

Patterson and the rest of the family, who appear to be in the know, help her to realize there's a few more bodies to make out by pointing out the "Baby A" and "Baby B" markers written on the image.

"Is it twins?" the grandma shrieks excitedly, as another family member shows her the final "Baby C" marking.

But it seems that the idea of triplets is almost out of the question for this grandma, who's already over the moon.

Finally, the family just tells her what's going on: Triplets!

The reaction ... well, you're not gonna want to miss this one. Enjoy!