A great-great-great tribute: Woman represents 7 generations in recreated family photos

Image: Christine McConnell recreates photos of the women who came before her.
Christine H McConnell/Facebook

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By Ree Hines

There's nothing like flipping through an old photo album and taking a closer look at family members that not only came along before the days of smart phone cameras and social media, but were around long before you were even born.

Looking back through your lineage can prompt daydreams about what those days were like, and wishes to know more about the faces from your family tree. But for Christine McConnell, musing about those old images just wasn't enough — she wanted to be in them, too. So the Los Angeles-based stylist and photographer worked her visual magic to make that happen.

In a series of side-by-side tributes, McConnell recreates old images of her family, traveling through her maternal line over the course of two centuries.

She starts with her spin on a photo of her great-great-great-grandmother from the 1800s.

From there, McConnell reimagines each generation, with herself decked out as the leading lady.

The family resemblance is hard to deny as the years go by, especially as she tackles her grandmother and mother's looks — and even wears the very same dress her mother did back in the day.

But McConnell wasn't content to simply represent five generations of women who came before her. She went on to add a solo shot of herself …

… and a look at the next generation — sort of.

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