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Woman gets real about the 'signs' of mom guilt in funny video

"Because I've missed my daughter's last 2 dentist appointments, but I've missed 0 of my hair guilt, you win again."
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

With the demands of work, life and family, it's inevitable that moms will feel a twinge of mom guilt from time to time.

When Melissa Radke — a writer and public speaker who posts funny parenting videos to her Facebook page — found mom guilt rearing its ugly head in her home, the mom-of-two first let her kids, Remi, 10, and Rocco, 8, sleep in her bed. Then, she filmed a video about the guilt she was feeling for various, parenting-related reasons.

The catch? With her little ones asleep in her bed, Radke couldn't make noise for fear of waking them. So the Texas mom enlisted the help of markers and paper, making signs used to tell her story as she sat next to them in bed.

"My family went 3 days with no toilet paper," Radke confesses in the video. "I've been out of laundry detergent for 2 weeks and I give zero craps."

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"My son's lunch kit today consisted of 2 bags of Cool Ranch Doritos, a boiled egg and a pickle," she writes. "And a Coke."

But, while Radke appears hard on herself in the video, she says ordinarily, she tries to focus on the good things she does while parenting.

"Who cares what they're wearing? Who cares if they get first place? I'm teaching the important things," Radke told TODAY Parents. "That's what I tell my young mom friends, to let everything else fall away, but rock it — kill it — at the things that matter."

Melissa Radke with husband, David, and kids Remi, 10, and Rocco, 8.
Melissa Radke with husband, David, and kids Remi, 10, and Rocco, 8.Melissa Radke

So what does matter to the funny mom?

"Be a good person, love everybody, forgive easily and respect one another," she said. "All the rest just falls away. More than anything, I think I'm instilling in them the import things that matter, and I think I'm doing great. They don't really match, but their hearts are good."

Still, Radke says she received her fair share of criticism for being candid in her video.

"One lady said the fact that I forgot my daughter's dentist appointments was close to neglect," said Radke. "I'm thinking, 'Sister, she's 10 with braces, the last thing my child is is neglected — trust me.'"

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And, Radke says when mom judging does come her way, she tries to remember why she makes funny videos in the first place.

"It just doesn't bother me at all. The world is cruel enough, and if I can make people laugh, then my job is done," said Radke. "If I can make them think about mom guilt in a funny way, I'm happy."

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Radke closes her video on mom guilt with a list of activities — such as breathing, coughing and talking — that are not allowed in her bedroom, lest she and her husband, David, wake the kids.

Number 5 on the list is sex, something Radke jokes she doesn't mind giving up for the sake of her children.

"So yeah, mom guilt, you win again," she closes. "But hey, at least I get out of number 5. Wink wink."