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Wolf Van Halen shares emotional voicemail from late father in new music video

The 29-year-old paid tribute to dad Eddie Van Halen by packing his latest music video with sweet home movies and a moving voicemail message from his father.
Van Halen Performs at Jones Beach Theater
Wolf Van Halen, the 29-year-old son of rock legend Eddie Van Halen, released a music video for his single “Distance” on Monday, featuring old home movies and a moving message from his father.Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for Solters
/ Source: TODAY

Eddie Van Halen died last month of cancer at the age of 65, but the guitar legend lives on through his musical legacy — and also in a new release from his son, Wolf Van Halen.

The rocker’s 29-year-old son, who served as a bassist in Eddie’s eponymous band for 14 years, is now making his own music. His very first solo single, “Distance,” is all about the man whose footsteps he followed — a man who can be both seen and heard in the bittersweet video for the song.

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“No matter what the distance is, I will be with you / No matter what the distance is, you’ll be OK,” Wolf, who’s also the son of sitcom star and author Valerie Bertinelli, sings in the nearly five-minute clip released Monday.

While his words ring out, a montage of old home movies show his adoring father wrapping him up in his arms, performing for him, teaching him the family craft and just sharing his infectious smile.

But despite the story those clips tell, it’s a short, emotion-packed voicemail included at the end of the video that really sums up Eddie’s love and devotion to his son.

“I’m so happy to have you as my son, and so proud of you,” he says in the recording. “I love you so much. Call me if you get a chance. I just want to hear your voice. I love you. Bye.”

A sweet kiss sound can be heard between those last two words. It’s a powerful way to end the video, and one Wolf knew he wanted to feature.

In a recent interview with TODAY’s Carson Daly, the singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist explained why.

“I just thought it was really important just to show that side of him, you know,” he said. “I had gone through my phone, and I found that I had, like, 30 voicemails from him. And that one was just really special to me. I thought it was a really great way of capping off the whole video.”

And he was right. One day after the video’s release, it already has over a million views on YouTube, as well as thousands of comments applauding the tribute.